【Philips】Light strip
【Philips】Light strip
【Philips】Light strip
【Philips】Light strip
【Philips】Light strip

【Philips】Light strip

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【Philips】Streamer turn to LED day and night running lights

Used for car and motorcycle exterior decoration light :  Angel Eye Light, Daytime Running Lights, Turn Signal Lights, Eyebrow Lights, Rear Window Lights, etc

In addition to its good-looking appearance, the installation of daytime running light strips can reduce the traffic accident rate by 12.4% and the death rate by 26.4%. This is legal and safe.

Suitable for any car model

Easy to install without disassembly the headlights

Non-flammable fire retardant burn

Silicone material with good seal, waterproof , energy saving, anti-corrosion.


Only 4mm thick, can be installed in the gap between the Headlights and the Engine Hood with adhesive tape, no drilling, no screwing and no disassembling needed.

Flexible enough for cutting:Daytime Running Light is flexible that allows your to shape it as you like, Only 4mm thickness can be installed inside the slit to create a better effect.

Easy installation: No aluminum, No drill. Silicone body, fully sealed, do not worry about rust. Just peel and stick it by using reliable Self-Adhesive Genuine tape.

ights are white when turn signal light is off, then the lights flow yellow when turn signal light is switched on.

Handpicked SMD-3014 LEDs, no dead light and dark spots, brighter than the stock halogen headlight bulbs. It's a good replacement light for car original headlight.

Unlike old designs where the DRL and Turn Signal share the IC Controller, these lights have separate IC Controllers which guarantee stability.


 Easy Installation, just require right connect to positive and negative side

Red wire: Power Positive(+)

Black wire: Power Negative(-)/Ground

Yellow wire: Left or Right Turn Signal Positive(+)

Need to open/brake the headlights cover to install.

Universal fit for all 12V/24V auto vehicle, commonly used for Car, SUV, Vans, Truck, RV, Motorcycle, Scooter, Trailer etc.

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